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jewelry designer.



crystal lover.

certified reiki master.

tacoma, wa.

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I began making jewelry around the same time that I fell in love with crystals back in 2011.


I started learning about their healing properties,

and wanted a way to be able to wear them and keep them with me.

That was a crazy time in my life,

and it was around that same that I started on a path

towards self awareness and personal growth.

I had already started looking into

my negative thought and behavior patterns,

addressed some physical health and food intolerance issues

(thanks to my time spent working at a natural foods store),

and found an interest in natural healing.


 In 2012 I was introduced to Reiki energy work,


and was attuned to and taught the first level of Reiki

at what turned out to be a pivotal time of change and growth in my life.

The next year was full of some serious ups and downs.

I made a decision to live a life of sobriety,

committed to a healthier lifestyle,

continued working on personal growth,

and was certified in both Reiki I and II.

A year after my first experience with Reiki,

I started dating my husband Boyd,

who had become a good friend during this time.

Boyd had always supported my interest in crystals and jewelry making

(he actually asked me to make a pendant for his mom — cue our first lunch date)

and was the one that really pushed me to get serious about turning my hobby into a business.


Now it’s seven years later.


We have a four year old daughter,

and a little house here in Western Washington.

Jewelry making, crystal healing, personal growth, and energy work

are still big parts of my life.

I find that the people most drawn to my jewelry

are those on a path of self discovery, change, growth,

and physical and/or emotional healing as well.

Just like I was, and just like I am.

I love talking stone properties,

I love the place that the scientific and metaphysical properties of crystals intertwine,

and I love connecting with people that are looking for genuine connection and support in their lives. 

 I collect stones and believe that they each have somewhere that they’re meant to land

and that I am just keeping them safe until they find their purpose.

I continue to learn new jewelry making techniques, play with new designs,

and feed my creative side, but the jewelry is just a carrier for the

infinite potential that each stone holds for the person intended to receive it.

And that’s what it’s all about for me.

Please feel free to reach out any time, with questions about crystals,

energy, healing, custom jewelry, or just to say hello.


I would love to connect with you.


That’s all for now.

Sending love,


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