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smoky quartz enhydro, crystal healing for beginners, how to choose a crystal
Smoky Quartz Enhydro

How do I choose a crystal?

I have had so many requests for information about crystal healing for beginners, so I wanted to start off with something simple and (in my opinion) really important! The first question that most people have when they’re just getting into stones and crystals is pretty basic: how do I choose the right crystal for me? Of course I love offering stone suggestions, and am down to chat about healing properties any time. BUT, I think that it’s important to remember that we are deeply intuitive (even more than we may realize!) and that we are often drawn to what we need. (We can also be very drawn to exactly what we DON’T need as well, but that’s a conversation for another day!)

Use your intuition.

For now, I would love to challenge you to use your intuition to pick a crystal. Don’t overthink it. Don’t read about it. Don’t try to pick the one that you *think* would be good for you. Just take a deep breath, and ask to find the stone that will serve your highest good.

My suggestion:

Use your intuition to pick a crystal. Don't overthink it. Just take a deep breath and ask to find the stone that will serve your highest good.

• If you already have a crystal collection, I would love for you to go pick one out and carry it with you today. Notice how it makes you feel. Come back to it throughout the day and check in. Release any expectation you may have about it, and just let it all BE. I definitely suggest writing down any notes throughout the day -- thoughts as they arise, or any feelings or ideas that come up.

• If you don’t have any crystals yet and are interested, I would encourage you to find a local shop and go pick one out in person! You can still ask that the right stone be presented to you at the right time, and remember to be open to receiving it!

Release expectation and check in with your crystal often.

Here is the stone that I chose for today: a smoky quartz point that I found in Tucson this year. Of course I have read about smoky quartz, but I am releasing any ideas or expectations that I have about it and am going to try to really check in and notice how I feel about this particular crystal today. If you’re going to play along today, drop a comment below! And if you’d like to share which stone you’re choosing, I would love to hear! I’ll check back in soon!

Sending love,


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